Our name is indicative of how we work.

At Tactic, we’ve combined a diverse set of skills to create a full-service strategy and design agency.

Located in downtown Indianapolis, we help small- to medium-sized businesses and organizations transform themselves through marketing, brand strategy, public relations and social media coordination, video production and web development.

Our approach.

We believe in examining all facets of an idea, studying all details of a project and remaining authentic throughout – all to help our clients achieve a desired result.

Meet our team.

Talent is important to us and so is diversity and creativity. We’re comprised of a multidisciplinary team of strategic and creative individuals. We work together to perfect each idea and ensure the necessary expertise is assigned to each project.

Our studio is where we create.

It’s our not-so-secret laboratory, the place we go to take ideas to the next level. Our open-concept studio is a reflection of who we are, our mission and how we approach our clients’ brands.

From our thought-provoking brainstorm spaces to our custom window graphics, we set our focus on the details. And, if we’re this dedicated to our brand, you can imagine just how immersed we are in our clients’.

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