• Who owns the work?

    Upon full payment, we transfer ownership of the finished product to the client. We do ask for the right to use the work for our branding portfolio, including on social media, in award submissions and on our website.

  • Does Tactic outsource client work?

    No. We believe the people best suited to help our clients succeed are those who take the time to get to know our clients. We’re proud to offer 100 percent of our services in-house, ensuring our clients receive the attention and dedication they deserve.

  • How is Tactic different?

    First, our team is comprised of people who have worked in real businesses and real marketing departments, meaning we’ve been agency clients before and value budgets, deadlines and accountbility. Second, we are accessible. The Tactic structure offers direct access to the individuals who are building and marketing your brand.

Brand Strategy

  • How long is the identity process?

    Depending on the scale of the deliverables, we typically recommend a six- to eight-week timeframe. With our robust project management processes in place, we're able to focus on your brand and work efficiently.

  • My identity is developed, now what?

    Your brand is just getting started. After your new identity is delivered, we’ll collaborate with you to carry out an implementation plan. This brand launch covers internal rollout as well as external considerations such as website(s), collateral, building signage, marketing campaigns, videos, email communication, promotional products, trade show assets, etc.

  • Where does the branding process start?

    Our work begins with researching your customers and employees to uncover the key drivers and perceived identities of your brand. This is the first step in crafting your spoken brand – messaging, voice, and emotional and rational benefits. We want to understand why your audience cares about you, how and when they buy and why they come back.

  • What is a "brand"?

    Your brand is more than a logo, color or typeface. It's a collection of perceptions and attributes associated with your business, which is shaped over time. Whether it’s your phone greeting or your presence on your website or social media accounts, they all combine to reflect your overall brand.

Design + Advertising

  • Is there a limit to the design you do in-house?

    At Tactic, no design is out of reach. We pride ourselves on completing 100 percent of our design work in-house. From graphics and logos to animations and lettering, we create custom designs for use in both the print and digital arenas.

  • What is the design process?

    We believe the best designs are thoughtful and reflective of our clients’ vision for their brand. Each design begins with visual concepts and strategy and leads to mood boards, design drafts and a review process that ultimately influence the final product.

  • What is advertising, and how can Tactic help?

    In our mind, advertising employs the power of persuasion within your market. By combining intriguing designs with powerful language and the mediums to drive them, Tactic can help you push your brand message to the most critical and effective audience.

Public Relations + Social Media

  • How can social media help grow my business?

    Knowing how to effectively reach the 74 percent of online adults who use social networking sites throughout the world can be game changing. When you work with Tactic, you work with social experts who combine strategy with unique stories to reach your audience. We use a varying mix of platforms, strategies, social calendars, ad buying, storyline creation, analytics and management to ensure your social presence stands out.

  • What PR tools do you use?

    We utilize an array of tools that allow us to give your brand unlimited exposure and coverage. We combine a perfect blend of media relations, social media and blog strategy, grassroots outreach, event planning and story packaging to create a distinctive spin on your business. We’ll work diligently to ensure you’re both seen and heard.

  • What does a PR plan look like?

    An effective PR plan looks different for everyone. We’ll work with you to personalize an approach that reaches the right audience at the right time, while using the latest tools and trends to do so.

  • What is PR?

    Public relations (PR), at its core, is the spread of information from your company to the public. PR is an ever-evolving field, and Tactic is committed to straying from the traditional and developing unique strategies to spread your message and grow your business. We won’t just mass send a press release hoping it gains traction. We’ll do our research, refine our approach and create a detailed PR plan that’s sure to attract your target audience.


  • How long is the video production/animation process?

    From start to finish, the video production/animation process typically takes six to eight weeks. However, we'll work with you to determine an appropriate approach and corresponding timeline.

  • What's involved in the video/animation process?

    Our video/animation process involves a number of steps to ensure we've thought of everything by the time we get to the finished product. Our pre-production, production and post-production steps include script/interview question development, storyboards, illustration, on-site direction, graphics design, editing and voice-over recording.

  • What kind of video can you produce?

    We have extensive experience planning and executing a variety of videos, including interview-based, stories, animations and 3D. Our in-house equipment, studio and skills also allow us to deliver these videos at competitive rates.


  • Do you create website copy for your clients?

    Yes. We can work in a number of ways, from modifying existing copy to drafting brand new content. We'll work with you to determine the best fit for your budget and timeline.

  • What content management system (CMS) do you use?

    Our team has extensive experience in several CMS platforms, however, we primarily uses Craft, WordPress and ExpressionEngine. We'll determine the proper CMS prior to each project based on your needs and familiarity with specific tools.

  • How long does it take to develop a website?

    It depends. Website development can take as little as six to eight weeks, but the timeline can vary dramatically depending on the features and functionalities required. Our team will create a reasonable timeline before the project begins and work with you to ensure necessary deadlines are met.

  • What's involved in the website development process?

    Our vigorous website process contains a variety of steps that keep you involved throughout the planning, content creation, design and wireframe steps. Once the website is live, our team will train you on how to update your website, making future modifications more cost-effective.

  • What is a responsive website?

    A responsive website provides the most optimal viewing experience for the visitors to your website from any device – from desktop to mobile to anywhere in between. It adapts to the layout of the window size providing easy reading and navigation through the use of fluid imagery, scrolling and panning.

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