Bringing Transparency to Health Care

To make health care costs more transparent, IHA wanted to create a source for Indiana residents to obtain information on prices and services in a simple and accessible manner. Their idea was to create a website providing specific data that would be easily navigable, however they were having trouble finding an agency to execute this plan.

Launching with Character

Tactic stepped up and partnered with the association to create a unique brand that would meet their criteria. After continuous research and meetings with the IHA, a name was created, “careINsight,” and an identity was launched. From this first step, a detailed, yet disarming, website ( was built, complete with illustrations, eye-catching colors, typography and a custom site strategy, all adding up to a comfortable, easy-to-understand user experience. Once the brand felt well rounded, Tactic created video accompaniments to further explain health care costs, infusing a little humor and a lot of character.

Providing important information Hoosiers want, the brand is moving toward a new industry standard. And with built-in surveys and feedback tools, the site will thrive and evolve to meet the needs of the public.

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